Vision Statement

The aim of the Humanities department is to foster a sense of wonder about history and geography. This will then inspire students to make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world and become global citizens.


Studying Humanities enables students to explore their own place in the world and builds on their own experiences to investigate places at all scales, from the personal to the global and including the past, present and future.

Humanities at Weatherfield Academy

The Humanities department is busy, innovative and full of enthusiastic geographers and historians (both students and staff). The department offers a practical, enquiry-based approach to learning by delivering a broad and exciting curriculum that stimulates students’ enthusiasm and helps to bring both history and geography to life.


A main aim of the department is to learn through hands-on experiences. Fieldwork and study visits are embedded in the curriculum to ensure that students are able to enhance their classroom knowledge. Visits to historical sites, workshops and guest speakers in the school all enrich our pupils' understanding of the world they live in.

This half term, pupils in Key Stage 3 will be focusing on the following geography and history topics:

Year 7: Sensational Safari and The Great Fire of London.

Year 8: The UK and The Romans.

Year 9: Settlements and Ancient Egypt.

Below, you will find our Humanities long-term and medium term plans.

Recent Fieldwork, Study Visits, Guest Speakers and Workshops

Local Traffic Survey - exploring the local environment and collecting geographical data.

Child of Post-War Britain - Guest speaker, Linda Gray investigation of the toys, sweets and life after WWII.


Iron Age Workshop at the Chiltern Open Air Museum - to engage in the lifestyle of the Iron Age.

Archeological visit to Totternhoe - to explore the historical and geographical features of the local landscape.


Roman Workshop - to have an active engagement in learning about the Romans.

Milton Keynes Museum - was enjoyed by all KS3 as they held artifacts and participated in workshops.

Sir Teachalot - came to teach us all about knights and castles in an interactive way.


Buckinghamshire Railway Museum - KS3 students learned all about the history of the railway with rides and interactive workshops.

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Chiltern Open Air Museum
Roman Day
Chiltern Open Air Museum
Totternhoe Archaeological Visit

If you would like further information about our Humanities curriculum, please contact our Humanities Co-ordinators, Mr W Kydd (geography) or Miss C Fisher (history), via the academy office or by email:

Mr J Selmes


Weatherfield Academy

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